What Does PS Mean In Texting?

In texting, “ps” usually means postscript. It’s a way to add an afterthought or additional information that you forgot to mention in the main body of your message. It’s similar to how “P.S.” is used in letters and emails.

Here are some examples of how “ps” might be used in texting:

  • Text: Can’t wait to see you today! Ps: Don’t forget your swimsuit, we’re going to the pool.
  • Text: Just finished the report. Ps: Let me know if you need me to make any changes.
  • Text: Hey! Ps: Is this still on for tonight?

It’s important to note that “ps” isn’t always necessary in texting. If your afterthought is closely related to the main part of your message, you can just add it without the abbreviation. However, using “ps” can be a good way to draw attention to your additional information and make sure it doesn’t get missed.

Here are some other things to keep in mind about using “ps” in texting:

  • It’s usually written in lowercase (“ps”).
  • It can be placed before or after your signature, although traditionally it comes after.
  • You can use it multiple times in one message if you have several afterthoughts. Another article I wrote that you should consider reading is >>> What Does GN Mean In Texting?.

Cracking the Code: Unveiling the Mystery of “ps” in Texting.

Ah, the humble “ps.” Those two unassuming letters have navigated the evolution of communication, gracing handwritten letters, emails, and now, our beloved text messages. But for the uninitiated, or perhaps the perpetually perplexed texter, the question looms: what does “ps” even mean in texting?

Fear not, fellow communicators! As a seasoned navigator of digital messageverse, I’m here to demystify this cryptic duo once and for all.

1. From Parchment to Pixels: The Genesis of “ps”

Our story begins not in the glowing blue light of smartphone screens, but in the ink-stained world of quill and parchment. “Ps” stands for “postscript,” a Latin term dating back to the 17th century. It signified an afterthought, a tidbit forgotten in the initial flurry of penmanship. This appendage to the written word found its way through centuries, gracing letters from Austen to Hemingway, a testament to its enduring charm.

2. “ps” in Texting: Beyond the Footnote

Fast-forward to the 21st century, where physical letters have ceded ground to emojis and autocorrect. Yet, the humble “ps” has surprisingly thrived in the digital realm. While its essence remains true to its roots (adding an afterthought), its applications in texting have blossomed into a vibrant bouquet:

Table 1: The Many Faces of “ps” in Texting:

Forgotten Footnote:“Hey Sarah, meeting’s at 10! Ps: Don’t forget the presentation folder.”
Playful Pounce:“Just sent you that hilarious meme. Ps: Prepare to laugh your socks off!”
Emphasis Enforcer:“Really looking forward to catching up! Ps: Seriously, it’s been too long.”
Sneaky Secret:“Got your birthday gift picked out! Ps: Mum’s the word.”

Beyond Basic Usage:

  • Multiple “ps”s: Not a typo, but a creative choice! Use them for separate afterthoughts or to build suspense.
  • Strategic Placement: Before your signature? Classic. After? A playful surprise.

Pro Tip: While “ps” adds charm, overuse can dilute its impact. Use it sparingly for maximum effect.

3. Etiquette of the “ps”: A Texting Truce.

Is “ps” even necessary in today’s rapid-fire texting culture? The answer, my friends, is a nuanced “it depends.” If your afterthought seamlessly flows with the main message, save yourself the keystrokes. But for forgotten details, playful asides, or emphatic underlining, “ps” remains a delightful and effective tool.

Remember, texting is a dance of communication, and “ps” adds a graceful pirouette to your steps. Use it wisely, use it creatively, and most importantly, use it to have fun in the digital dancehall of words.


The next time your fingers hover over those two enigmatic letters fear not! With a little understanding and a dash of creativity, you can wield “ps” like a texting samurai, adding depth, humor, and intrigue to your digital missives. So go forth, fellow communicators, and let your “ps”s shine!

III. Etiquette of the “ps”: Mastering the Digital Afterthought.

Now that we’ve cracked the code on “ps” itself, let’s delve into the finer points of its etiquette. As with any linguistic tool, there’s a certain finesse to wielding “ps” effectively. Fear not, for I, your trusty texting sherpa, am here to guide you through the etiquette of the afterthought.

To “ps” or not to “ps”: This is the question. Before your fingers reach for those magic letters, consider the flow of your message. If your afterthought naturally follows what you’ve already said, weave it seamlessly into the main body. However, if it’s a tangential tidbit, a playful punchline, or a crucial detail you forgot to mention – voilà! Deploy the “ps” with confidence.

Placement, oh placement: Where you put your “ps” says a lot. Traditionally, it resides after your signature like a loyal footnote. But feel free to get creative! Placing it before your signature can draw attention to your afterthought while using multiple “ps”s throughout your message adds a playful, teasing vibe. Remember, like seasoning, use this placement power sparingly for maximum impact.

What Does PS Mean In Texting?

Less is more: As much as we adore our little “ps,” overusing it can dilute its charm. Think of it as a secret weapon, not a conversational crutch. One well-placed “ps” can add depth and humor, while excessive usage can make your message seem disjointed or cluttered. Strike a balance, dear texter, and let your “ps”s shine like precious gems amidst your digital prose.

Pro Tip: Befriend autocorrect! Many smartphones offer “ps” as a quick suggestion after signing off. It’s a convenient way to avoid typos and save precious milliseconds in the texting warzone.

IV. Beyond “ps”: A Lexicon of Texting Lingo

Our journey doesn’t end with “ps”! The texting ecosystem is teeming with abbreviations, acronyms, and emojified expressions that can leave even the most seasoned communicator bewildered. But fear not, for your friendly neighborhood language expert is here to equip you with a basic lexicon of this digital dialect.

Table 2: A Glimpse into the Texting Lingoverse:

LOLLaughing Out Loud“That meme was LOL! “
OMGOh My God“OMG, you won’t believe what happened!”
BRBBe Right Back“BRB, just grabbing coffee. ☕️”
TFWThat Feeling When“TFW you finally finish a huge project. “
IMOIn My Opinion“IMO, that movie was overrated. ‍♀️”

Remember: This is just a glimpse! Online resources and dictionaries abound, offering comprehensive guides to the ever-evolving language of texting. Embrace the exploration, fellow communicator, and expand your digital vocabulary with glee!


“ps,” etiquette, and a dash of lingo knowledge – these are the pillars of your texting prowess. Use them wisely, use them creatively, and most importantly, use them to have fun in the vibrant world of digital communication. Remember, every text is a mini-performance, and with the right tools and a dash of personality, you can make your “ps”s sing, your etiquette shimmer, and your lingo sparkle.

Go forth, texters of the world, and unleash the power of the written word, one message (and maybe a well-placed “ps”) at a time!

I hope this concludes our epic “ps” saga with a flourish! Remember, your journey into the linguistic depths of texting is just beginning. Keep exploring, keep learning, and keep using your skills to connect, express, and entertain in the wonderful world of digital communication.

And oh yes, feel free to bombard me with any further texting riddles or lingo mysteries that may plague you. I, your loyal language sherpa, am always here to guide you through the ever-evolving terrain of words and emojis!

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